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NXT® Cool Zone

When your roof space become superheated, this radiant heat transfers directly to the rooms below. The costs of cooling the rooms with air conditioning, is becoming increasingly expensive to run.

NXT® Cool Zone® Heat Reflective Roof Coating helps keep your roof and home cooler, without sacrificing colour and design. This nu-technology reduces the amount of sunlight you roof absorbs, dramatically lowering its heat build up.

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Unpainted roof tiles, coloured metal sheeting and conventional dark coloured roof paint including black, charcoal, and deep browns and reds absorb up to 97% of the sun's heat.

Manufactured from premium 100% acrylic resins & fade resistant micronised pigments & saturated colour, it is highly resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat. The only way to stop a roof from heating up, was paint it with a white reflective roof coating. Until now!

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Environmentally friendly. NXT® Cool Zone® is the first roof paint manufactured in Australia that is compliant with EU and USA regulations regarding VOC content and biocides.

NXT® Cool Zone® is enhanced with Surface Cleaning Nano Technology, for improved dirt resistance and water beading. The result is a next generation high performance roof coating with superior durability that is heat reflective, 100% waterproof and has a guaranteed long lasting beautiful appearance.

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Lower cooling requirements

Lower cooling requirements translate into cost savings for home owners and more:

However, quite remarkably, NXT Cool Zone Charcoal can reflect up to 90% of the Sun's Infrared Light (heat), reducing the surface temperature of your roof by up to 20 to 30C.

This will keep your home 6C to 10C cooler in summer!

NXT® Cool Zone® - advanced technology from Nutech - good for energy conservation, our environment and our quality of life - now that's a smart coating!

US EPA Energy Star Program

US Department of Energy research has shown that one additional one percent of reflectivity in a coating, on average, will reduce roof temperature by one degree.

NXT® Cool Zone® Charcoal has a Total Solar Reflectivity of 30%, compared to a conventional charcoal coloured roof paint which has a reflectivity of less than 4%.

This confirms that a roof coated with NXT® Cool Zone® Charcoal will be up to 25C cooler than a roof coated with conventional charcoal coloured roof paint.

NXT® Cool Zone®

Heat Reflective Roof Coating, helps keep your roof and home cooler, without compromising on colour or design.
This nu-technology reduces the amount of sunlight your roof absorbs, dramatically lowering the heat build up, that then radiates to your living area below.